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GRUPORPP is the most important radio conglomérate in Peru, made up of two news stations and five músical stations. It has two TV channels (a cable one and a broadcaster one), six web pages, and businesses related to the marketing sector, BTL and indoor advertising. The group was created on the foundations of Radio Programas del Perú (RPP), producer of radio contents that, through the years, bécame the main news station in the country. Founded in 1963 by Manuel Delgado Parker, it is a family company that is now managed by his children Hugo, Manuel and Frida Delgado Nachtigall. In 1996, the business group decided to open up to new journalistic options and launched, the first web site of the radio. The following year, the internet live station was set up, and in 2000 it was relaunched as a multimedia news site ( In 2005, RPP Noticias en televisión (news on television) started its broadcast, through a morning segment in a cable channel. But it was on January 2011 that RPP TV went on air, and it is broadcasted until today solely by Movistar TV (Channel 10).

Key facts

Mother Company


Business Form


Legal Form

Private Limited Company

Business Sectors

Digital business


Manuel Octavio Delgado Nachtigall

Vice-president of the board of GRUPORPP. Bachelor in Business Administration from the Universidad de Lima. General manager of at least 15 real estate –related companies in various parts of the country.He was part of the board of Rokmaster Resources Corp., mining company based in Vancouver. Business associate of BO Consulting S.A., Peruvian company which gives consultations to companies in the mining area. He is not affiliated to any political party


Individual Owner

Hugo Delgado Nachtigall

(1966) Chairman of the board of GRUPORPP. Former member of the Governing Board of Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas - Confiep (2011-2013). Member of the Governing Board of Sociedad Nacional de Radio y Televisión three times: as president (2011-2012), treasurer (2013-2014) and secretary (2015-present). He is not affiliated to any political party.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other TV Outlets

RPP TV HD, Capital TV

Other Radio Outlets

RPP Noticias, Radio Capital, Studio 92, Radio Oxígeno, Radio Corazón, La Zona, Radio Felicidad

Other Online Outlets,,,,,,,


Media Business


Pantalla Retail

Radio broadcasting in the metropolitan area

Radiomercados Sabrosa

Marketing and publicity (BTL)

MCD Mercados

Analysis institute



Digital business sector

General Information

Founding Year



Manuel Delgado Parker

Affiliated Interests Founder

(1936) Honorary President and founder of the RPP GROUP. Peruvian businessman whose family plays an important part in the history of telecommunications in Peru.He is the youngest son of Genaro Delgado Parker and Rachel Brandt Murguía. He is married to Frieda Nachtigall Valderrama, with whom he had six children: Hugo, Manuel, Frida, Úrsula, Claudia and Nathalia. He was administrator of Radio Panamericana in its beginnings and manager of Panamericana Television. After the law of expropriation of official media communication during the government of General Velasco (1971), he went into voluntary exile to Central America and the US for eight years. Upon his return, he transformed RPP into a 24-hour informative radio station. In 1998 he sold his stake in Panamericana Televisión to Ernesto Schutz Landazuri and acquired 100% of shares of the radio. He formed the RPP Group with his children.


599 workers and 134 service providers.


Av. Paseo de la República N° 3866, San Isidro, Lima.

Teléfono: (511) 2150200

Página web:,

Tax/ ID Number

20492353214 RUC

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

GRUPORPP S.A.C.: US$ 46.8 million (S/. 133 million) 2014

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

GRUPORPP S.A.C.: US$ 6.1 million (S/. 17.5 million) 2014 – net profits

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing Data


Executive Board

Hugo Francisco Delgado Nachtigall

Chairman of the board of GRUPORPP (1966) Peruvian, businessman, married. Former member of the Governing Board of Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas - Confiep (2011-2013). Member of the Governing Board of Sociedad Nacional de Radio y Televisión three times: as president (2011-2012), treasurer (2013-2014) and secretary (2015-present). He is not affiliated to any political party.

Non-Executive Board

Héctor Manuel Guerra García Gandolfo

General Manager of GRUPORPP. Peruvian executive with experience in sales and marketing. He was sales manager in companies such as Peruana de Combustibles S.A. (Pecsa), Grupo Gloria and PepsiCo.

Other Influential People

Raúl Vargas Vega

(1942) News Director at RPP Noticias. Peruvian journalist, father of three children, divorced. Studied Education at UNMSM and Literature at the PUCP. He is the most influential journalist on the radio and is in the Top 30 (No. 21) of the XXXVI Power Survey of Economy Week. He is fond of cooking, used to own the restaurant "Al grano". Presents "Ampliación de noticias (Extended News)", "Enfoque de los sábados (Focus on Saturdays)", which are transmitted simultaneously by RPP Noticias and RPP TV.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Its advertising funding is unknown.


ALEGRÍA, Alonso. OAX: Crónica de la radio en el Perú (1925-1990). 1993, Radioprogramas Editores, 294 págs.

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